Monday, November 26, 2007


I wouldn't want to mess with this guy. I wonder how he eats with that axe arm thingy? I'll assume he takes it off. This started as a marker rough before I went to digital. It's just a faster way to work for me and I like the randomness of marker.

Horn Guy

This is more like it, full color. I'm unsure yet if it's a man or not. Maybe a creature lurks under the cool wicker armor. You never know with these things until more images get generated. We'll see.


Playing with the idea of a Vampire. All digital. Not scary enough for my tastes. It started as a quick doodle and I roughed in some form. Maybe a jump off point for an illustration or more fleshed out concept one day.

Fast concept

Another quick concept. (15 minutes tops) I usually work in marker first but I just jumped in with Photoshop on this one. Simple but fun.


Some of the concept work I do. Just a few quick jungle scenes.


Just for fun. Digital and watercolor.

Speedpainting 1

Every now and then I get to speed paint at work. I've tried to make it a regular practice but it's been a while. Here are a couple of the older ones. Each took about an hour.


Here is a mix of sketchbook images and tighter pencil work.

Witch Doctor

This illustration is one of the images I'm submiting to Spectrum this year. Mixed media, PS, Painter and Watercolor.

My First Posting

Welcome to my blog. This is my first post but I'll be updating regularly. Many posts will follow as I throw some of my work up on this blog. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any of the images or if your interested in seeing more of my work.